Welcome to our snowy island!

Club Penguin Legacy is a free-to-play recreation and revival of Disney's Club Penguin™. Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game built for children. Create your own Penguin, waddle around, and meet new friends. You can also decorate your very own Igloo, style your Penguin to whatever you desire, attend parties, play mini-games and so much more. Club Penguin is truly a sandbox for kids to use their vivid imagination and create new, lasting memories.

On March 30, 2017 — Disney marked the end of a chapter for Club Penguin, while opening new doors for experiences such as Club Penguin Legacy, which picked up where the original game left off. Club Penguin Legacy is about preserving the past while paving way for new experiences and memories to be cherished and formed from players around the world. We've gotten so many inspirational messages from players just like you, who are overjoyed in getting the opportunity to play their favorite childhood game; and also letters from parents as well, when the game was passed down from their older siblings.

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Are there Memberships?

Club Penguin Legacy is completely free-to-play with no Memberships, no locked features, advertisements of any kind. We strongly believe in the principles that Disney has laid out and will never jeopardize our players' safety by placing advertisements that may drive users to third-party platforms. Through research, we've discovered that advertisements are unsafe, and safety is our biggest priority.

Club Penguin Legacy is funded in two ways: subscriptions and through the pocket of the team. From the beginning, we have always been transparent with our spending and want to reaffirm that Club Penguin Legacy is strictly a non-profit initiative, dedicated to preserving history and creating a safe place for children to play and chat together.

Subscription models only offer perks and privileges outside of the game, such as suggesting the next game features, or items to be implemented on Club Penguin Legacy. Subscriptions do not offer any gameplay enhancements or features that may otherwise compete with normal players' experiences.

We also want to make our Subscription service more affordable for others by offering Educational and Student discounts to those eligible. To learn more and find out if you're eligible, please click this link.

Is Club Penguin Legacy safe?

Absolutely! Club Penguin Legacy is developed by Waddle, a team that was built upon creating a safe place for children and all ages to interact with others. With the over abundance of content, places to hang out, and information on the internet, we found it imperative to create and sustain an environment in which everyone can play and hang out; and a place where you can truly be yourself—this was the original intention from Disney and the original creators of Club Penguin, and we stay firm to their ideologies and tradition.

Club Penguin Legacy partners with local and international law enforcement to keep our users safe, and even partner and collaborate with some of the companies that the original game once did. Our moderation solutions are used by some of the most popular children-platforms such as Roblox, Clash of Clans, among others.

Help Us Revive Club Penguin

To those who continue to log onto our snowy island—and those on our team who have sacrificed long hours; dedicated to sustaining life and preserving the history of Club Penguin, we thank you. This community is truly a magical place to prosper, create, imagine, and tell stories; all in a digital sandbox.

Our vision: To ultimately inspire Disney; to revive this game that is deserving of a place where everyone can call home.

And while we continue to uphold the safety and fundamental principles and standards that Disney once did, this lovingly created game deserves the support and love that the players provide daily.

If you are interested in sharing your Club Penguin™ story to Disney, or help inspire and spark a bit of magic into an official revival of the Club Penguin™ game, you can find Disney's contact information below.


Disney Interactive
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-8139