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Welcome Parents

Club Penguin Legacy is a virtual sandbox where your child can play safely and securely.

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View our story on how our community has found their home and comfort in the on Club Penguin Legacy.

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Education and More

We want Club Penguin Legacy to be a place where kids can learn while still having fun!

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Two Penguins hanging out in the evergreens

Welcome Parents

We feel that learning through the internet is a fantastic opportunity and gift in our day, which is why Club Penguin Legacy allows children to create, socialize, and play in an infinite virtual world and digital sandbox.

People of all ages may gather in an inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere to explore, laugh, imagine, and create alone or in collaboration with others in a shared digital world.

We recognize that finding a secure, safe area for children to connect and play is a primary issue for parents, and as parents ourselves, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this endeavor.

Things to Know

A photo depicting Aqua Grabber, a popular Club Penguin game

Play Games

Playing is one of the best ways to have fun and learn. There's so many games for your child to play that is both educational and entertaining!

A yellow Puffle featuring the Club Penguin Legacy custom Puffle Care

Adopt Pets

Having a pet is a great way for a child to learn responsibility. Players can learn the duties of pet care without having to do it in real life!

A demonstration image of the Club Penguin Legacy playercard

Customize their Penguin

Everyone can show off their unique style with new catalog items every month! This is an amazing way for your child to express themselves.

Two Penguins hanging out in the Coffee Shop on Club Penguin Legacy

Chat with Friends

Your child can develop social skills through chatting, while blocking inappropriate and harmful language.

A Penguin decorating their Igloo on Club Penguin Legacy

Decorate their Igloos

Your child can use their creative skills to build the ultimate home they desire, with new furniture items every month.

Music Jam 2022, one of Club Penguin Legacy parties. Lots of penguins gathering and having fun

Join Parties

Players can take part of events and parties happening around the island monthly, with new content for your child.

Learning and Development

Motor Skills

Our activities allow your children to work on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and the art of typing with constant new activities.


Without smearing glue on your sofa, kids may be creative in a variety of ways, from creating costumes to constructing their own igloos.


We like it when kids work together, that's why we create tricky mazes, and give them mysteries to solve together.

Money Management

Children can learn the values of money and how to save up for what they want the most by playing games that reward them with coins.

Global Awareness

We give back to our communities by partnering with local and global charities and organizations that benefit those who are in need.


We make your child feel like an adult without the stress. You'd be astonished at how many of them work in the Pizza Parlor!


We realize how essential safety is. Our ongoing mission is to be the safest place for your child to hang out on the internet, from live moderators and a filtered chat, to an ad-free gaming experience and personalized parental tools.

What distinguishes Club Penguin Legacy is that we are not in it for monetary gain or the satisfaction of being the best—we do it for the love of the game and the youngsters that waddle around our frozen island.

We are continually hard at work, fine-tuning our system and tools to guarantee that we are always adhering to our own mission, goals, and vision of creating the safest possible workplace.

Commitment to your child's safety

It is within our policy to always place the players, and children first, and at the center of everything we do. It is embedded into our culture. When we develop new projects and tools, we always ask ourselves, "How does this benefit our players?".

Stay Safe Online

We have an internal team known as Stay Safe Online, dedicated to ensuring the safety of children and others on the internet, working closely with law enforcement agencies and other global partners, charities, and organizations.

A gold Moderator badge symbolizing safety


We have live moderation from real people, 24/7, 365 days a year, with automatic moderation tools and filter systems.

A chat bubble with a smiley face

Filtered Chat

We impose chat filters that limit the transmission of personal information and filtering out hazardous communication.

Text written "ADS" in red with a STOP sign overlapping

Ad-Free Play

Third-party advertising is unsafe, we will never jeopardize players' privacy by running ads that may drive them to third-party sites.

Penguins Care

We believe that all it takes is one person to change the world, to create something new, and to bring out the best in humanity. This is directly motivated and inspired by those who led the original game before us, as well as their global reach in encouraging others all across the world to help those in need.

We're always searching for local and worldwide organizations, institutions, and charities to assist support our vision of global need month after month.

In 2023, we founded Penguins Care, a non-profit initiative that is dedicated to helping find verifiable, safe charities that go above and beyond in helping preserve and carry new life to our future generations, with a focus in helping build safer communities, protecting the Earth, and providing international help.

Together, we campaign for a brighter future for tomorrow.

Coral Reef Alliance

During the month of December, we partnered with the Coral Reef Alliance in preserving our environment and protecting the coral reef alliance. Our community were able to donate thousands of dollars to support their cause.

Save The Music logo in a white background

Save The Music

Our latest partnership was with Save The Music. We donated thousands of dollars to support underprivileged children across the United States attain their full potential through the power of music.

A blue house in a white background

Build Safer Communities

We believe that every child deserves a safe environment in which to live, study, and play; where they can laugh and create together.

Evergreen forest icon in a white background

Protect the Earth

We are dedicated to a clean, renewable environment for future generations, along with preserving endangered wildlife, and forests.

A red med kit symbolizing health in a white background

Provide International Help

We want to help kids and families live longer, happier, and healthier lives. We assist in offering assistance whenever possible.

Share Feedback

Are you a parent who would want to share your child's Club Penguin Legacy story? Or do you want to tell us what we can do to keep your children safe online? We'd love to hear from you!

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