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All About Ask Santa 2023!

All About Ask Santa 2023!

Hi Penguins,

Can you believe it's already been almost a year since we've had our annual Ask Santa? This year's Ask Santa will be different; we've made various changes based on various user feedback that we've accumulated over the past several months from our community members. This year, we have clear set guidelines and also restrictions and criteria for those who are eligible for the Ask Santa Program.

To summarize: To be eligible for this year's Ask Santa Program, your Penguin and account must be over 30 days old from December 25th, which will be the day you receive your present from Santa. If you have various Penguin accounts, you are restricted to only 3 different Ask Santa presents on 3 accounts. Each Penguin must not possess any in-game restrictions or infractions from the last 60-days starting from when you can request your present from Santa.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of these guidelines, read below:

  • Penguins must be 30 days old to be eligible for Ask Santa
  • Your Penguin must not have any restrictions or infractions for the last 60 days (This includes the following: Previous Permanent or Temporary Bans / SafeChat or Chatting Restrictions or Inappropriate Clothing & Igloo)
  • If you have multiple Penguins, you are restricted to 3 Ask Santa presents per household / active alt. account history

This is the list of available Present categories you can Ask Santa for this year:

  • Previously released Catalog Items (Penguin Style/Better Igloos/Stageplay)
  • Previously released Party Items* (Does not include Exclusive Rewards accessible through Progression)
  • All Furniture Items* (Limited to a quantity of 1/Does Not Include Igloos)
  • 5,000 Coins
  • Any and all Items available through the Ask Santa Interface

This is the list of unavailable Present categories you cannot Ask Santa for this year:

  • Any previously released or unreleased Pins
  • Any unreleased Items* (Excl. Furniture)
  • Any previously or current rewards from Party/Island Pass
  • Any "exclusive" Rewards (Secret Projects/Testing Rewards/Beta Items)

When the Ask Santa Interface is available in December, you will be able to search for the items that you'd like. Any items that are not available in the interface will be considered unavailable for Ask Santa. Each Penguin will be able to select one of the above options while the interface is available and can only receive up to 1 item per Penguin.

Once you've made your selection, you will receive your gift through the Postcard Interface on Christmas Day if you've met all the above requirements. It's that simple! The Ask Santa interface will be available sometime early December, but it's not too early to start thinking about what you want this year.

Lots of fun things planned for November, keep your eyes peeled! Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team