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All you need to know about the Halloween Party!

All you need to know about the Halloween Party!

Hi Penguins,

Would you believe it if I told you that during the transition process of moving everything from our development environment to our live servers, all of Halloween Party got deleted during the merging process and we had to spend several hours trying to revert? Hah! October's been quite a stressful month, two major parties back to back, and we've had a limited amount of people working on the party; 1 for Wayback and 2 for Halloween.

We started Halloween just three days ago, so it's quite astonishing to see how fast we can pull a fully interactive party for you. Here's a low down on what to expect during Halloween 2022.

A image of Trick or Treating, an interactive new feature for Halloween Party.

As previously mentioned, we're introducing a brand new custom feature to Club Penguin Legacy's first Halloween Party. This is known as Trick or Treating. You can trick or treat by waddling over to the Snow Forts -- You'll see three houses with timers. This year, we're introducing three types of candies which will serve as your currency, Common Candy, Rare Candy, and Epic Candy.

These candies can then be used to exchange for 50 items in the Party Pass; one thing to note is that each item only takes one of the 3 currencies that you can collect in the Snow Forts. Does this seem confusing? Don't worry, we've setup a little interactive tutorial for you when you log in so you can get a better understanding. Just head to the Snow Forts to start and collect your first free item!

A few things to note: Candies are session-based, meaning that your candies will disappear when you log out -- This is due to balance and also to expedite our development process as we only had about 48 hours to complete the party.

Another thing to take into consideration: When the timer hits 0, you'll hear a doorbell, that's when you should click on the door in order to receive your candy. Of course, if you don't click the door, you won't receive your candy. If you need to move around to other houses, do so when the timer is moving, as you cannot switch locations once the doorbell goes off -- think of it like a fun game of Red Light, Green Light!

We've also seen the upsurge of players with similar interactive features from past parties like Music Jam, that's why we've added a new server, Abominable to handle the traffic and allow as many Penguins as possible to enjoy the interactive features.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Snow Forts to get started!

Finally, three versions of the Night of the Living Sled, plus the LIVE STAGEPLAY!

I personally loved watching Night of the Living Sled growing up, so I felt like a child again when we added the 3 versions of Night of the Living Sled to the game. You can experience these 3 versions in the Coffee Shop, Arcade, and the Lighthouse. Night of the Living Sled 2 and 3 have audio, which is pretty neat! 

Originally, we planned to have these films run every 10 minutes and give you Common Candy for viewing, similar to Performances during Music Jam, however we were cut short due to deadlines. This may be a feature we may add in the future as a content update for the party and if people need more than one way to collect Common Candies.

A revamped, custom version of Ghost Hunting will arrive later as a content update

If you remember the original game, you may remember the Ghost Scavenger hunt, we're taking it a step further this year by revamping and remastering the Ghost Hunt to make it more enjoyable, such as including a "Spooked Meter" which will impact your gameplay experience depending on how "SPOOKED" you are, which will surely negatively affect how you can collect these ghouls! 

More on this later, however expect Ghost Hunting to be available in the coming days as a content update.

Swamp Maze will also make an appearance later on during the party as another content update

Yep! If you noticed that the Swamp Maze was blocked off, that's because Gary is currently examining the area to ensure that it's safe for us Penguins to traverse into the depths of the Forest! Be on the look out as this path may open up at any time in the party -- With the addition of the Swamp Maze, you may find spooky jumpscares and a prize you probably don't want to miss out on if you can make it through without getting SPOOKED!

Wrapping Up

Thanks again everyone for your patience, we would have loved to had this party come out sooner however we're a small team focusing on many projects, and we just pushed out two major parties back-to-back within just a few days shy from each other. Hope this Halloween Party is as memorable as the original one you experienced -- Or, if you're experiencing it for the first time, hope you create new lasting memories!

Gary will be visiting throughout the party and with a new background for this year's Halloween festivities. Also, on Halloween we'll be pushing out a Double Candy Multiplier so you'll be able to earn more Candies then you usually would.

Thanks again for the endless support. Until then... Waddle on!

- Joey
Club Penguin Legacy Team