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Aunt Arctic's Article #6

Aunt Arctic's Article #6

Hello, penguins!

Welcome to another edition of Aunt Arctic’s Article. Last week, we took a deep look into the Fashion Festival and what it has to offer. This week, we take another look at the Fashion Contest and perhaps gain some insight on what else could come this month…

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The Contest Continues!

Three of the seven themes have already been completed at the Fashion Festival. In fact, today marks the halfway mark of the Fashion Contest already, can you believe it? Fantasy, Futuristic, and Spooky were all such great successes, and it appears that Silly is on track to be the same! I decided to ask some penguins to see what their ideas were for a silly outfit. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m going to grab all of my biggest outfit pieces and put them all together to create a massive silly monstrosity! Don’t be fooled, just because it’s a monstrosity doesn’t mean that it’s spooky. I can assure you, this is anti-serious business: silly business.”

“Nothing is more silly than an animal costume! I’m just having a hard time deciding which one to choose… there’s so many! Do I go with… elephant? Monkey? Lion? Squid? I hope I can decide, the theme is only here for so long!”

“My idea for a silly outfit is simple: just a background, pin, and a hat. Nothing else. Sometimes being minimalistic can provide a maximalistic laugh. Is that a word? If not, I gotta get on that!”

The Silly theme lasts until tomorrow, and it will be followed by Beach, Rainbow, and Fancy. Best of luck to all those who enter!

New Gift Shop Styles!

Despite all the clothes we’ve been graciously given for the Fashion Festival over the course of the month, the Gift Shop is preparing an all new Penguin Style catalog! I spoke to one of the employees there to see if we could get any word on what to expect.

“With this catalog, you can expect some outdoorsy type clothing. From hiking, trekking, or just casual outdoor outfits, there’s a good amount to choose from! I’m not exactly sure what is being planned later in the month, but these were the type of clothes suggested to be the best fit for what’s to come!” - Gift Shop Clerk

Well, no matter what’s in store for later this month, we can surely expect to be active and on our feet, and these clothes will be perfect for just that!

Shhh.. What’s That Sound?

This is more of a quick last minute addition to the article, but I couldn’t help including it! I was heading to my igloo one night, and I saw what seemed to be a group of perplexed penguins. Due to my heightened sense of curiosity, I went over to ask one of them what was going on.

“We heard some noises in the Forest while we were soaking in the Fantasy environment! They were not necessarily scary noises, but noises! It almost sounded sort of… squeaky? I wonder what it could be?"

I suppose we should keep our eyes and ears out for anything else regarding these noises!

Ask Aunt Arctic

Dear Aunt Arctic,

I waddle all over the place, yet I never run into you! Where are you?

- thebeaver

Dear thebeaver,

I’m very flattered that you wish to meet me! I live a rather simple lifestyle, so I’m often cooped up in my igloo writing, reading, or just simply relaxing! 

The last time I visited all of you was during the 2nd Anniversary Party last month, and it was a blast! Hopefully soon there will be an occasion I can visit for again, making memories with everybody is a highlight of my time on this island. I hope to see you then!

Dear Aunt Arctic,

What kind of food do you personally like?

- IceyCubes

Dear IceyCubes, 

I enjoy partaking in many great meals. However, when it comes to my favorites, it is always the classics that make me happiest.

These include some lovely tea and scones at the Coffee Shop or a nice cheese pizza from the Pizza Parlor. You truly can never go wrong with either of these! If a party that is being thrown on the island offers them, I’ll treat myself to the occasional fish burger! 

If you have a question about our snowy island, let me know! I’d love to hear from you. 

Submit one here at:

That wraps up this week’s edition of Aunt Arctic’s Article! Thank you for stopping by, penguins. As with every Monday, new Community Events have been posted at the Lakeside! To those who attend any of these events, I hope you have a wonderful time!

Until next time… waddle on!

- Aunt Arctic