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Aunt Arctic's Article #8

Aunt Arctic's Article #8

Hello, penguins!

Welcome to another edition of Aunt Arctic’s Article. Last week, we said goodbye to the Fashion Festival and hello to the Stadium! We even got the inside scoop on some upcoming igloo catalogs. This week, I decided to sit down and have a chat with a dear friend of mine, who has something important to announce!

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An Interview with the Glorious Rory!

Last week, after hearing about the planning of the upcoming igloo catalogs, I thought it would be a good idea to check in with everybody’s favorite construction worker: Rory. So, I decided to do just that! He had quite the announcement to make:

Aunt Arctic: Hello, Rory! As always, I would like to start off this interview by asking you: how are you?

Rory: I’m doing great Aunt Arctic, thanks for asking! How about yourself?

Aunt Arctic: I’m simply excited to have you here! I believe you said that you have quite the news to share?

Rory: That is correct!

Aunt Arctic: Well my dear, take it away!

Rory: Well, as a construction worker I have always been quite fascinated with the underground mines. We’ve been able to cover a lot of ground… underground. Uh.. are you able to write that part out? I want to sound real sophisticated for this interview. Anyways, I believe there are even more sights to see!

Aunt Arctic: Is that so?

Rory: Yes! So, I would like to officially announce that our next event is going to be… a Cave Expedition!

Aunt Arctic: How exciting! From the toughest mountain to the mysterious deep and now the caves! We’ve surely discovered quite a bit over the past couple years!

Rory: Indeed we have! 

Aunt Arctic: Now, what exactly is your goal for this expedition?

Rory: Well, we’ve been able to discover and accomplish many things underground! We built a pool, a mine cart track, an area to dig coins, and a hidden lake! Anyways, I just simply want to take a look at what other possibilities we have at creating some cool things underground!

Aunt Arctic: This all sounds wonderful! Do you have any idea on when you plan on beginning your expedition?

Rory: As soon as I possibly can! I’m still planning a few things, but I will be sure to keep everybody posted! One thing’s for sure, you can surely count seeing me around then!

Aunt Arctic: The island can never get enough of you, Rory! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I hope planning continues to go well.

Rory: Thank you, Aunt Arctic. Feel free to invite me for a second or even third interview!

There you have it, penguins! A Cave Expedition is fast approaching! Get ready to grab some gear, especially some hard hats! Who knows what lies deep in the underground…

Ask Aunt Arctic

Dear Aunt Arctic,

What game is your favorite to earn some coins?

- ch4r

Dear ch4r,

In a past article, I answered which games give you the greatest amount of coins, but that didn’t necessarily mean they were my favorites! Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race, at least for me!

Despite it earning you very few coins compared to others, Mancala will always be my favorite game to play and earn a few extra coins. If you were looking for something with a bit more monetary value, I would say my favorite would probably be Bean Counters! I just enjoy the Coffee Shop so much.

Dear Aunt Arctic,

How can I adopt a puffle?

- michelledss

Dear michelledss, 

This is actually my most asked question! It fills up my submissions! Unfortunately, puffles are currently unable to be adopted. Apparently, the Pet Shop construction has been dealt to… the puffles themselves. So, that may be why it’s been taking a rather lengthy amount of time for it to be completed. However, I have high hopes that they will soon be finished and be ready for adoption!

Thankfully, a few special puffles have made their mark on the island. These include Blast, the Ringmaster Puffle, the Zen Puffle, the Box Dimension Puffle, and the Ice Skater Puffle. Perhaps we may even get more of those kinds of puffles in the future as well!

If you have a question about our snowy island, let me know! I’d love to hear from you. 

Submit one here at:

That wraps up this week’s edition of Aunt Arctic’s Article! Thank you for stopping by, penguins. As with every Monday, a new Community Event have been posted at the Lakeside! To those who attend, I hope you have a wonderful time!

Until next time… waddle on!

- Aunt Arctic