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Change for Coins Rewards Update

Change for Coins Rewards Update

Hi Penguins,

First off, I'd like to start with some spectacular news. Over the course of the Holiday Party 2023, we were able to raise $2,603 towards Direct Relief. That is absolutely remarkable. These donations are going towards improving the health of many people, so you all should be incredibly proud.

Now, we finally come with news regarding the Change for Coins rewards. To briefly summarize, we had a technical issue on our end that ended up wiping out the list of players who donated to Change for Coins. We have been brainstorming to figure out the best way to efficiently regather the names of those who donated, and we finally have a solution!

Attached below is a Typeform document with three questions. If you donated, all you have to do is click the link below, provide us your penguin name, account email, and proof of donation, and we will be able to distribute the awards to you.

In addition to the igloo and pin for those who donated, ALL players who logged in during the Holiday Party will have 50,000 coins added to their account. This is our way of saying thank you very much as you patiently await your rewards during these technical difficulties. This Typeform will expire on Friday, March 15 at 11:59 PM Penguin Standard Time, so spread the word!

Access the Typeform here:

Until next time, waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team