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Deliver Presents with Santa!

Deliver Presents with Santa!

Hi Penguins,

Merry Christmas Eve! And if you're not celebrating, Happy Holidays! This update kicks off Santa's Sleigh, accessible through the Dance Lounge and will be available for the remainder of the party. Through Santa's Sleigh you'll be able to deliver presents to other Penguins around our snowy island. By delivering 20 presents, you'll receive an exclusive reward. There's a lot of them! Here's the full list:

The full item breakdown for Santa's Sleigh.

Each time you play the minigame on Santa's Sleigh, you'll be rewarded with a random item from above! These items are exclusive to the Santa Sleigh and will never return. Be sure to try and get all the ones you want. Once again, Santa's Sleigh will be available starting Christmas Eve and all throughout the rest of the party. But, we have one more special item we'd like to share!

A very special item is available for completing Santa's Sleigh!

We've been hearing mysterious stories and legends about a giant Walrus that helps Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve. Locals like to refer to him as "Merry Walrus". There's an extremely small chance for you to receive the special Merry Walrus disguise outfit so you can try to lure the real Merry Walrus out from hibernation. Best of luck in trying to receive this reward!

That's all for now folks! Remember that the Bakery Tour over at the Snow Forts opens on December 26th, and additional news regarding out epic New Year's Countdown will be shared sometime next week.

Happy Holidays from the team! Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team