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Dot's Spotlight: Bonus Fashion Contest Winners!

Dot's Spotlight: Bonus Fashion Contest Winners!

Hey penguins,

Dot the Disguise Gal here! As you may know by now, the Fashion Festival came to an end yesterday, and it was a MASSIVE success! Over the course of the party, we received nearly 10,000 submissions and a whopping 1,159,231 votes!

70 lucky penguins were able to rise to the top and claim their Fashionista Pin, along with their coin prizes. However, I thought it would be a great idea to look over submissions made throughout the festival and pick my own personal favorites from each theme! These seven penguins will also be receiving the Fashionista Pin and 5,000 coins. Let’s take a look at their creations!

Palestine (Fantasy)
Arty (Futuristic)
Drawable (Spooky)
Reiki Master (Silly)
Omar (Beach)
Rhodes (Rainbow)
cloudrest (Fancy)

Congratulations to these penguins on creating these wonderful ensembles and catching my eye! Again, a huge thank you is deserved for everybody who participated in the Fashion Festival. These past two weeks are something that I will never forget!

Until next time, waddle on!

- Dot