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Get The Golden Shovel!

Get The Golden Shovel!

Hi Penguins,

If you haven't already noticed, our island's snowy peaks have been experiencing a large blizzard these past few days.  A lot of Penguins' hard work in digging out the Dojo has been now been lost! We need as many Penguins as possible to help restore our progress. To make matters worse, the mysterious individual who was seen selflessly digging every day has also gone missing.

Could this Penguin be stuck in the depths of the unrelenting snow?Join the entire community on our very snowy island on Sunday, April 16th at 12pm Penguin Standard Time, as we all gather together to dig out the Dojo and perhaps discover the whereabouts of this missing Penguin.

Make sure you gather a lot of buddies as well, as we are giving away an exclusive, limited-time Golden Shovel to everyone who is able to participate and join in on the digging!

Here's what the Golden Shovel looks like:

This is what the Golden Shovel will look like on your Playercard!

Looks very golden right? That's the point of a Golden Shovel! No one knows how it arrived, but it just did! This Golden Shovel will only be available for Sunday's event so make sure you visit the Dojo Courtyard to receive one!

Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team