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Penguin of the Week #39

Penguin of the Week #39

Hi Penguins,

We apologize for the brief hiatus from our usual schedule of posts as our team has been taking a much needed break this month. It’s been a couple weeks since our last Community Blog post, but we have returned to form once again. We understand that many players are currently in the midst of a particularly grueling period of time in their studies, so we extend our best wishes to everyone who has been working hard this school year.

We also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our graduating Penguins during this time of year. All your hard work and determination has paid off, and we couldn’t be any prouder of your accomplishments. To celebrate, we have dropped a new code (GRADUATION) featuring some new items for all of our amazing graduates to don. Be sure to redeem this code soon as it will only be available for a limited time!

Additionally, 10 new pieces of artwork are now displayed on the Penguin Art Wall in the Book Room. The talented artists that have been featured this month have received the Penguin Art Wall Contributor Pin and 2,500 coins for their contributions. We have also gone ahead and updated the Event Board at the Lakeside featuring some new community events. We will be updating the board with additional events at some point later today. So, if you would like to resubmit for an event this week, now is the time to do so. If you are interested in potentially hosting an event to be featured on the Event Board, please submit the following form to us:

Can you guess what the June Party will be?

June Party

While our team has had some time to get rest this month, we've started work on our upcoming party for June. It'll be another big, content and event-driven fiesta, one of the most memorable experiences you'll have on our snowy island yet! Can you guess what our June party may be?

That being said, we resume our weekly blog post schedule to introduce a very worthy Penguin as the island’s newest Penguin of the Week. Without further ado, let’s get right into the announcement!

Although this Penguin has only been waddling around our island for a couple of months, the impact that they’ve made during that time has been truly immeasurable. This individual possesses a multitude of great values including being very helpful, compassionate, and kind to everyone they come in contact with.

This Penguin has contributed a ton to our island in just a short period of time. You can often see them at the forefront of a lot of activities such as leading the charge in digging out the Dojo, celebrating the island’s first anniversary, or being the life of the party at community events. They have also proven to be an exemplary tour guide in helping newcomers navigate the island whether that is providing the best coin-making methods, helping with item locations, or relaying updates on the latest announcements and information.

As a lore enthusiast, this Penguin never shies away from putting their knowledge on display with some trivia. When they’re not enlightening others, you may be able to catch them taking in a Stage performance, participating in fashion shows, or reciting some free verse poetry. You may even find them utilizing their ninja abilities to catch fish around the island as the Fish Ninja.

Congratulations Aerogarde! You are this week’s recipient of Penguin of the Week! Enjoy your very well-deserved Green Viking Helmet, Penguin of the Week Background, and 5,000 coins!

Do you want to have the chance of being featured as a Penguin of the Week like Aerogarde? Just be yourself in spreading positivity to the island and your kindness will not go unnoticed! See someone on the island that you believe should be our next Penguin of the Week? You can submit your nominations using the following form:

Note: In order to become a Penguin of the Week, you must have a clean account history with no recent outstanding infractions within the last 60 days.

Our Team will review all submissions closer to the start of the new week and will decide based on the nominations you provide us!

Until next week, Waddle on!

- Tom
Club Penguin Legacy Team