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Penguin of the Week #60

Penguin of the Week #60

Hello, penguins!

First off, I’d like to wish an early happy 18th anniversary to the original Club Penguin game. The official day to celebrate is tomorrow, October 24. It's hard to believe it’s been so long since it all began. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Wayback Event is back with brand new rooms and trivia questions! You’ll be able to earn items both old and new by correctly answering those questions. I also hear that Aunt Arctic will be visiting the island with a brand new “old” giveaway. Wayback is on now until Friday, October 27, and will immediately be followed by the Halloween Party. There are more details about it in the main blog post. It’s a quick one, so enjoy it while you can!

Just like how there is a lot to check out for Wayback, there will be a lot to check out for the Halloween Party as well! A bunch of decorations from last year will be returning, but I also hear there will be some new rooms to see as well! There’s a rumor going around that ghosts will be playing an important role for this year’s festivities. I wonder what that could mean? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! In addition to those rumors, word is going around that two familiar faces will be hosting this year’s party. I wonder who they could be? 

You know who else I’m wondering about? This week’s Penguin of the Week! Let’s take a look and see who this week’s lucky penguin is…

Today we recognize a very helpful member of the community. Whenever somebody is in need of assistance or is curious about events going on around the island, this player is always there to lend a helping hand. They have also proven to be very kind and patient with others while doing so. With Wayback in full swing and the Halloween Party directly afterwards, this penguin is going to be a good player to look out for in order to make the most of these parties.

They also have quite the creative side. Let’s take a look at their current Halloween costume. It seems to me like it’s some sort of a headless appleman with a giant squid sidekick. That’s quite the sentence, but regardless it’s such a creative costume! Along with this, they have gone all out with their igloo, it looks like the type of place where those that would visit would never get bored of being there.

Congratulations blaze1k! You are this week’s recipient of Penguin of the Week! Enjoy your very well-deserved Green Viking Helmet, Penguin of the Week Background, and 5,000 coins!

Do you want to have the chance of being featured as a Penguin of the Week like blaze1k? Just be yourself in spreading positivity to the island and your kindness will not go unnoticed! See someone on the island that you believe should be our next Penguin of the Week? You can submit your nominations using the following form:

Note: In order to become a Penguin of the Week, you must have a clean account history with no recent outstanding infractions within the last 60 days.

‍Our team will review all submissions closer to the start of the new week and will decide based on the nominations you provide us!

Until next week, Waddle on!

- Hot Autumn

Club Penguin Legacy Team