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Penguin of the Week #63

Penguin of the Week #63

Hello, penguins!

The Halloween Party has officially come to a close. I hope you all were able to enjoy this year’s festivities. The spookiness isn’t entirely over just yet, as the Halloween Igloo Contest results should be out in the coming days. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog to see which 15 igloos come out on top! Speaking of igloos, new igloo catalogs should be arriving sometime this week! I look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity shine through with these new items.

This month’s Penguin Style catalog was recently released as well, and it’s filled with all sorts of wintertime fashion. It also contains both the highest amount of secrets and custom items ever in a catalog. If my math is correct, there are 49 secrets on these new pages! You better keep saving up on those coins and using your detective skills to get the most out of this catalog! As for what’s coming our way… even I don’t know! I guess it's a secret for now…

Something that isn’t a secret anymore is this week’s Penguin of the Week! Let’s take a look and see who it is this time around!

Today we recognize a penguin who has become well acquainted with our Cave Mine room! In fact, they have been spotted there so often, they have even been titled “Manager of the Mines”. Sporting their hard hat, spectacles, beard, casual suit jacket, cane, and brown shoes, they are always ready to take on the day by making sure hard work is being accomplished. If you’re ever looking for a way to earn some coins, head on down to the Cave Mine and maybe you’ll spot them!

In addition to this, they also do their best to engage in other spots of the island as well. Sometimes, they even find themselves at the Iceberg watching penguins attempt to earn the Berg Drill stamp. They also enjoy participating in a good mascot meetup! If you ever spot them on the island, be sure to head on over to them to engage in a conversation. Not only are they a good storyteller, but they are also quite the listener.

Congratulations slappy! You are this week’s recipient of Penguin of the Week! Enjoy your very well-deserved Green Viking Helmet, Penguin of the Week Background, and 5,000 coins!

Do you want to have the chance of being featured as a Penguin of the Week like slappy? Just be yourself in spreading positivity to the island and your kindness will not go unnoticed! See someone on the island that you believe should be our next Penguin of the Week? You can submit your nominations using the following form:

Note: In order to become a Penguin of the Week, you must have a clean account history with no recent outstanding infractions within the last 60 days.

‍Our team will review all submissions closer to the start of the new week and will decide based on the nominations you provide us!

Until next week, Waddle on!

- Hot Autumn

Club Penguin Legacy Team