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Penguin of the Week #64

Penguin of the Week #64

Hello, penguins!

Igloos have been the talk of the island this past week! Shortly after last week’s Penguin of the Week post, the Halloween Igloo Contest results were released last Monday. Let’s give another shout-out to our grand prize winner, MadDawg44L, our runners-up, laundrysalad and Halloween, and our honorable mentions for some fantastic igloos! In addition to the contest results, brand new igloo catalogs were released this past week with some great winter themed furniture. We hope you’ve been having fun redecorating.

In case you haven’t heard, the Holiday Party will be returning this December with Ask Santa as well. As long as your penguin and item request follows the guidelines, you will be able to ask for just about anything that has been released in the game. If all checks out, you will have that item directly added to your inventory. The specifics are all laid out in a separate blog post, so go check it out to get ready!

We can also get ready for this week’s Penguin of the Week! I wonder who it could be this time around?

As igloos have been in the spotlight this past week, this penguin is well known for their igloos. In fact they recently were featured as one of our 12 honorable mentions for the Halloween Igloo Contest! They created a spooky Haunted Mansion with a bone-chilling property to go along with it. They also enjoy throwing igloo parties, such as trivia. I hear they even held a fashion show in the Lounge afterwards. If you’re looking for a fun time, they sure will deliver!

This penguin also has quite the style, especially for the winter season! In addition to their iconic Reindeer Head, they’ve also been able to create an outfit with some of our custom items from our recent Penguin Style catalog. These include the Club Penguin Legacy Beta Scarf and Blue Suede Jacket. From igloos to fashion to just being an all-around kind penguin, they have surely caught the attention of our community.

Congratulations Jiffy! You are this week’s recipient of Penguin of the Week! Enjoy your very well-deserved Green Viking Helmet, Penguin of the Week Background, and 5,000 coins!

Do you want to have the chance of being featured as a Penguin of the Week like Jiffy? Just be yourself in spreading positivity to the island and your kindness will not go unnoticed! See someone on the island that you believe should be our next Penguin of the Week? You can submit your nominations using the following form:

Note: In order to become a Penguin of the Week, you must have a clean account history with no recent outstanding infractions within the last 60 days.

‍Our team will review all submissions closer to the start of the new week and will decide based on the nominations you provide us!

Until next week, Waddle on!

- Hot Autumn

Club Penguin Legacy Team