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Penguin of the Week #10

Penguin of the Week #10

Hi Penguins,

After the raging success of the Island Adventure Party, the stage is now set for the Music Jam which will be shaking up the island very soon. We hope you’re ready to turn the volume up to eleven for what we think is our most ambitious party yet!

So while we’re setting everything up and penguins are tuning their instruments, we’re focusing the spotlight on our newest Penguin of the Week. This penguin has been a prominent member of the community and has even gone out of their way to organise all nine POTW parties since the first was announced back in May! We understand our 10th Penguin of the Week is also celebrating a birthday this week so we believe a double celebration is most certainly in order!

This week’s Penguin of the Week goes to our very own avid party planner…Legomovie1!

On behalf of the whole Club Penguin Legacy Team, we’d like to thank you for your generous contributions to the community, your efforts to acknowledge previously recognised individuals has not gone unnoticed. You thoroughly deserve to don the Green Viking Helmet and exclusive Penguin of the Week Background this week and we hope you enjoy your 10,000 coin reward!

Until Then… Waddle On!

- Tyler
Club Penguin Legacy Team