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Penguin of the Week #9

Penguin of the Week #9

Hi Penguins,

I hope you have all been enjoying everything that the Island Adventure Party has to offer us! This party has been jam-packed with new discoveries to be made every single day.

It’s been great to see everyone donning their new pirate apparel as we set sail on The Migrator to discover new places! Those voyages on The Migrator have been especially scenic and peaceful. Speaking of discovering new places, did anyone else see that skeleton of a penguin they call Waitaha? They were a bit standoffish at first, but lately they seem to have warmed up to us penguins visiting their island. They’ve even been welcoming enough to offer us some unique items to add to our Island Adventure collection!

Speaking of new items to add to the collection, let’s meet the newest penguin to grab their flippers on the Green Viking Helmet for this week.

This week’s penguin is an extremely active member of the Club Penguin Legacy community and one who truly epitomizes the Penguin of the Week values. Their immense generosity displayed through their countless acts of kindness is awe-inspiring. A great role model in the community and someone we are very thankful to have waddling around our snowy island.

A friend to many. You might be able to catch this penguin vibing with friends over some pizza in the Pizza Parlor or camping out with their Winter Tent on Waitaha’s Island. You can also catch them in the Mine trying to break the illustrious 500 coin mark in Cart Surfer!

This individual even went out of their way to give thanks to the community in the most wholesome way possible with a handcrafted sign and a beautiful piece of artwork to go with it. We hope that this post can serve as a thank you for your amazing contributions to the growing Club Penguin Legacy community.

Congratulations What3Why! You are this week’s recipient of Penguin of the Week! Enjoy your well-deserved Green Viking Helmet, Penguin of the Week Background, and 10,000 coins!

Do you want to have a chance of being featured as a Penguin of the Week like What3Why? Just be yourself in spreading positivity to the island and your kindness will not go unnoticed!

Enjoy the rest of what the Island Adventure Party has to offer! Until next week, Waddle on!

- Tom
Club Penguin Legacy Team