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Spooky Fashion Contest Winners!

Spooky Fashion Contest Winners!

Hi penguins,

It’s time to unveil the winners for our Spooky theme! Once again, lots of great submissions were sent in, but only ten lucky penguins can rise to the top.

All ten of these penguins will be receiving the all new custom and animated pin: the Fashionista Pin. In addition to this, they will each be receiving a coin prize depending on their placement. This list will be in order from 10th to 1st, let’s get to it!

Tessa (10th place)
Siren (9th place)
poltergeist (8th place)
Bolsillos (7th place)
OiterDinker (6th place)
Plantasia (5th place)
navybluue (4th place)
graveyard (3rd place)
Turquoise (Runner-Up)
JasmineSky22 (Grand Prize Winner)

Congratulations to JasmineSky22 and the remainder of our top 10 for coming out on top of the Spooky theme! To everybody else who submitted, we highly appreciate your participation. Three themes down, four remain, check back here on Tuesday for the winners of the Silly theme!

Until next time, waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team