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The April Fools' Party Is Here!

The April Fools' Party Is Here!

Hi Penguins,

Sloof Lirpa Yppah! It's the craziest time of the year and we can't wait to celebrate it with everybody. For those of you who weren’t around to experience it last year, let’s just say that this is one of the BIGGEST parties ever. With that being said, take a look at our handy-dandy guide to help you make the most of everything this party has to offer!

Island Quests

Now, if you’re familiar with last year’s party, you’ll know that April Fools’ holds the record for highest number of Island Quests for a single party. This year, I’m happy to say that just about every single quest from last year has returned. There are a total of 45 island quests to complete. However, there will of course be a brand new prize once you complete them.

Each time you complete an Island Quest you also receive coins depending on the difficulty of the quest. Here is a guide on the coin rewards for each difficulty:

  • Easy Quests: 50 Coins (Green)
  • Medium Quests: 100 Coins (Yellow)
  • Hard Quests: 150 Coins (Blue)
  • Extreme Quests: 350 Coins (Red)

Now, since there are so many quests, it’s only fitting that there are multiple rewards to collect! The first is access to the Box Store! Located at the Ski Village, you can purchase a handful of box themed furniture, including a very special portal.

Next is the ability to transform into your very own doodle penguin! You may recognize the look of them from the iconic Doodle Dimension, only now they’ll be leaking into ours!

Last but not least is the typical Island Quest prize. Last year it was the adorable Silly Hat (also from the Doodle Dimension), but this year it is entirely new. It’s so cool that we want to keep it a surprise for now, so make sure you finish all those quests!

If you wish for a tip to help you out, let’s just say that A LOT of these quests have to do with interacting with the decorations of the island. When you’re in a room, try looking for any unique decorations by using your mouse! No, not your pet mouse, your computer mouse!

Some of the quests will also be locked up on the party's launch, but will be added soon, along with some new items to collect as well! Be on the lookout!

Stamps & Mascots

In addition to a lot of Island Quests, there are also a lot of stamps to earn! For this party these stamps are Explorer, Food Fight, Party Puzzle, Path Finder, Scavenger Hunt, Target Champion, and Party Maestro! 

You’ll also be able to earn a stamp for meeting Rookie! He may have visited recently during our Underwater Expedition, but this is his favorite holiday, there’s no way he would miss out! He even has a brand new custom giveaway he’ll be giving out! To make sure you have the best opportunity to meet Rookie, here are a few scheduled meetup times!


Date: Monday, April 1, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Server: Blizzard


Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Time: 12:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Server: Blizzard


Date: Friday, April 5, 2024

Time: 6:00 AM Penguin Standard Time

Server: Blizzard

Box Dimension

Welcome back to the Box Dimension! There’s a lot to say about this place… it’s a dimension… with boxes! However, for the April Fools’ Party there are all sorts of alternate dimensions to explore!

It is here where you will begin the Box Scavenger Hunt! Each dimension has a piece needed to construct your very own Box Costume! When you dance with it, you can turn into a box! It’s cooler than it sounds, I promise. For those who earned their Box Costume last year, you’ll be happy to know that this year there is a brand new Box Hat and Box Shoes to compliment your box look! You’ll have to go dimension hopping to find them!

Each dimension also has its very own catalog filled with unique items. One of these items is a UFO Costume from the Space Dimension. Other than the fact that it sells at a convenient price of 7,500 coins, this costume is quite special because it can allow you to fly ANYWHERE in a room. It is important to know that this feature lasts for the party only, but the costume will remain in your inventory to wear anytime!

A Silly Place is also back! This is probably the most interactive of the dimensions. Here's how it works. All you gotta do is head on over to the left platform by the door and you'll be placed in queue to go to the stage. Once you're there, tell at least three jokes. In between each joke, the audience will be able to react using emotes. From best to worst, these four emotes are the laughing face, smiley face, surprise face, and green sickly face emotes! The better the emotes you receive, the better your rating is!

Easter Egg Hunt

What we told you that there was not one scavenger hunt, but TWO scavenger hunts? This year, we’re having our very first Easter Egg Hunt, and it just so happens to be right next to April Fools’ this year! Around the island are eight Easter eggs to find, use the riddles to collect them all and earn your prize! Both the Box Hunt and Easter Egg Hunt interfaces will be located at the top right of your screen.

Wrapping Up

…and I’m not talking about a box! Haha… erm… We hope you enjoy this year’s April Fools’ Party! The party, along with the Easter Egg Hunt, will be available from now until Tuesday, April 9! Enjoy it while it lasts, don’t be afraid to let loose and be silly!

Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team