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The Fair Igloo Contest Winners!

The Fair Igloo Contest Winners!

Hi Penguins,

We had a blast throwing The Fair 2023 with you all and we know everyone had a ton of fun putting together their igloos for this contest! It was an extremely difficult process for us as it was hard to pick our Top 3 Selections with nearly 300 penguins entering a submission. Before we start, we'd like to remind you that every single eligible participant has now received the special "Igloo Architect" stamp in their Stamp Book. This stamp was obtained by submitting an Igloo that is eligible for the contest by following all the rules and guidelines.

If you have submitted an Igloo and have not received a stamp, it's because your Igloo was not qualified for the contest due to not following the rules and guidelines. If you missed out on the contest, don't worry, we hear there will be one coming up VERY SOON!

The Top 3 Igloo Selections will receive a special Pin/Award that you can showcase on your Player Card or Stamp Book. Your Igloo is also now decorated with a banner to commemorate your Igloo Contest victory! 

Now that's out of the way, let's move to the Honorable Mentions. These are the top Igloos that weren't in the Top 3 selection, but deserve a home to be showcased to everyone.

Honorable Mentions

Top 3 Igloos

Now that we've taken a look at some of the amazing creations of our Honorable Mentions, let's finally get to the main course of the Igloo Contest! We're super excited to share the results with you all, be sure to congratulate these winners if you see them on the island.

"Ring of Fire" by Mano7576 truly ignites our imagination! Landing a spot in the Top 3 Selection, this igloo captivates with its vibrant circus atmosphere set amidst lush vegetation. We're in awe of the daring snowman, poised to jump through the flaming ring, while the bustling crowd of spectators eagerly watches. Vendors, balloons, and animals add layers of depth to this whimsical scene, transporting us to a lively carnival. The intricate details from the tent to the greenery create a storyline where thrilling adventures await at every corner. Hats off to you, Mano7576, for this exhilarating and well-deserved Top 3 Placement!

Berry's "Fair Square" has brilliantly landed a spot in the Top 2 Selection. A pun-laden paradise, this fair boasts enticing food stands, captivating mini-stage performances, a heartwarming animal farm, and thrilling rides including a grand carousel and rollercoaster. The meticulous details, from the radiant lights that adorn the venue to the picturesque benches flanked by flowers, ensure an immersive experience. As the sun sets, the Fair Square shines especially bright, offering a perfect end to an adventurous day.

Harmonystar's "The Fairtastic Fair" has rightfully earned its place as the Grand Prize Winner. Upon entering, visitors are met with a lively tableau of bears serving as both the patrons enjoying the festivities and the dedicated workers behind the counters. These playful bears are spotted enjoying the thrill of the rollercoaster, the views of a ferris wheel, tempting patrons with delicious offerings from food stands, and managing attractions from the ticket booth to the prize-laden fair games. Every corner of Harmonystar's igloo pulses with life, blending imagination and detail in a vibrant celebration of fair fun, making it the deserving centerpiece of this competition.

Wrapping Up

That's all for now folks! We thank you yet again for participating in this Igloo Contest, we've had so much fun judging them and we hope you had just as much fun creating these Igloos to share with us. Stay tuned for future Igloo Contests, the next one will showcase your ability with No Boundaries and a completely new theme!

If you aren't already aware, October will be full of fun and surprises! This Friday, Oct 13 we will be releasing the October Furniture and Igloo Catalogs, and The Halloween Party is right around the corner starting October 27th. We also may just have a couple more surprises up our sleeves...

Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team