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Time for some Ghost Huntin'!

Time for some Ghost Huntin'!

Hi Penguins,

Halloween may be over, but the SPOOOOOKY festivities are just starting on the island! Starting later today, you can hunt for ghosts in a fun scavenger hunt with your friends! Let's break this down and explain how this works.

First, you'll need the Ghoul Detector 3000, designed by our beloved inventor, Gary the Gadget Guy. This Ghoul Detector 3000 can be unlocked by clicking on the book icon on the top right corner of your game interface. You can acquire the Ghoul Detector 3000 with Common Candies that you can find in the Snow Forts.

Gary has invented this new gadget specifically for this scavenger hunt. You'll need to equip the Ghoul Detector 3000 in order to spot these ghosts, so make sure you find the item in the Hand items section on your player card. Without the Ghoul Detector 3000, you won't be able to spot the ghosts.

Left shows Penguin without Ghoul Detector, right shows one wearing.

There will be, in total, 2 Ghost Hunts this year during the Halloween Party, this is the first out of those two! So, expect a new ghost hunt with a different reward in the coming days as we near the end of the party!

We'll let you know ahead of time when to expect this new scavenger hunt to be rolled out.

Until then... Waddle on!

- Joey
Club Penguin Legacy Team