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Wayback is Here!

Wayback is Here!

Hello, penguins!

SURPRISE! Travel back through time and relive some of the most fun moments in Club Penguin history as Wayback has hit the island! For those who weren't here for our Wayback event last year, let me fill you in!

We've changed everything about the island to represent the classic Club Penguin feel (with some twists) to give you all a chance to experience what Club Penguin felt like in the early days. The only big differences are that we have kept the Igloo System unchanged this year because we will be having another Igloo Contest VERY SOON (more details later this week...) as well as kept the massive settings overhaul we have done in the past year which focus on accessibility and account protection so these were left unchanged to help our players who need those. Some features you will not have access to during the event. An example of this is the Stampbook, which wasn't around in the early days of the game. But just because you don't have the stampbook doesn't mean that you can't still earn stamps from mascot visits and certain activities across the island! With that being said let's jump into the party!

Island Quests, Stamps & Mascots

Let’s start with the basics. As with just about every party, island quests are available to complete and stamps are able to be earned. For this party, there will be 10 Island Quests available. Whenever you finish a quest, you will earn coins. The more difficult the quest, the more coins you will receive. Here is a little guide to help:

  • Easy Quests: 50 coins (Green)
  • Medium Quests: 100 coins (Yellow)
  • Hard Quests: 150 coins (Blue)
  • Extreme Quests: 350 coins (Red)

When you complete all the quests, you’ll earn an item that means a lot to many penguins! We can't wait for you to collect it once you have completed all the Island Quests!

During the party, you will also be able to earn stamps. These include the Snack Shack, Explorer, Happy Room, Party Maestro, and Celebration stamps. You’ll also be able to earn stamps by meeting the mascot of this party: Aunt Arctic. Our favorite journalist will have brand new giveaway for players to collect! There will be both random and scheduled meetups, but here is the schedule you can expect for this event!

Aunt Arctic

Date: 10/24/2023
Time: 9:00 AM PST
Server: Blizzard

Date: 10/25/2023
Time: 9:00 PM PST
Server: Blizzard

Date: 10/26/2023
Time: 12:00 PM PST
Server: Blizzard

Rooms & Trivia

Each room during Wayback is decorated from a party that was on the Club Penguin Island between 2005-2009. In each of these rooms, you will see a trivia bot that you can click on and answer a trivia question related to that room and/or the party that the room represents! If you get the question right, you will receive an item related to that party or room! Get all the questions right across the island (can be across multiple sessions) and you will complete one of the Island Quests for the event!

Each room was crafted with a lot of love and care to represent the early days of Club Penguin and we hope you all enjoy the experience of hanging out in these rooms!

Interface Changes

In our latest update, we've revamped the interface to truly represent a nostalgic era of the game. Players will immediately notice that the map, chats, text, and login experience have been meticulously designed to represent that iconic period. As you immerse yourself in the game, you'll be transported back to those early days, reliving the memories and experiences that made this time so special for many penguins. We're excited for everyone to dive in and enjoy this blast from the past!

Wrapping Up

That just about covers everything! Wayback will be here from today until Friday, October 27. This is only the beginning of one of our favorite times of the year, and we’re very excited for you all to experience these great times with us. We thank everybody in our community for your endless support. Have a wonderful Wayback!

Until next time… waddle on!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team