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Your Guide to April Fools Party!

Your Guide to April Fools Party!

Hi Penguins,

It's finally April Fools! You know what this means? It's the wackiest and silliest time of the year and we can't wait to celebrate this new party with you all. There is so much happening this year for April Fools, we've taken it a step further and we're proud to say that this party is our biggest content-driven event yet. There's so much to do! There's over 50 new Island Quests for you to complete with new ones arriving every few days. The rewards that you can earn from these Island Quests are spectacular and also exclusive to this year's April Fools Party only.

If you're interested in learning more about what the April Fools Party has to offer, keep scrolling!

Island Quests

April Fools Party has over 50 new Island Quests for you to complete alone or with your friends. There are so many new interactive quests that range from small tasks to difficult challenges. To access your Island Quests interface, you can click on the "!" icon that is located on the right side of your user interface.

Each time you complete an Island Quest you can also receive Coins depending on the rarity of the specific Quest. Here is a breakdown on the coin rewards for each Island Quest type:

  • Easy Quests: 50 Coins
  • Medium Quests: 100 Coins
  • Hard Quests: 150 Coins
  • Extreme Quests: 350 Coins

This year's Island Quest feature will have multiple rewards for finishing all your Island Quests objectives. Take a look below!

The Box Store will be available for those who have finished all Island Quests.

The Box Store is a classic location from the original game, you can buy all sorts of cardboard boxes, varying all sizes, along with a miniature version of the Box Portal which you can place inside your Igloo. This mini version of the Box Portal can link you and your buddies to the Box Dimension at any time. Sounds pretty neat right? We think so too!

Finished all the Island Quests? Transform into a DOODLE PENGUIN!

We're super excited to announce Transformations will be arriving during this year's April Fools festivities! Transformations is a new feature for us and this party you can transform into a Doodle Penguin from the Doodle Dimension at any time, in any room! You can do this by going to the Party Pass interface by clicking the cardboard box icon that is floating above on the top-right corner of your game interface. From there, just click the "Transform!" button.

Take a look at this new exclusive item that you can collect from finishing all the Island Quests!

Like top hats? Well... like a doodled top hat? This is right up your alley! This is our exclusive item that you'll be able to collect after you've completed all the Island Quests. There will also be other items as well, but we'll let the surprise and anticipation do the work for that! We hope you enjoy some of these new rewards and items from this party.

Box Dimension

So, did you hear about the new Box Dimension? It's pretty weird, it's an unusual purple dimension that opens up around this time each year and no one has ever figured out how it first arrived to our snowy island. This year, you'll be able to explore 8 new Box Dimensions during the party. 7 have been unlocked right now! In the future, you'll be able to explore the 8th dimension if you've completed the Box Scavenger Hunt... You don't want to miss out on this 8th Dimension, it's pretty silly if you ask me!

A look at the Box Dimension for this year's April Fools Party!

If you remembered the Box Scavenger Hunt from the original game, we're excited to announce that it'll be returning this year! Enter each dimension and find a cardboard box or supplies to build yourself the ULTIMATE CARDBOARD BOX OUTFIT! (Special dance not sold separately; totally included!)

We've also redesigned and remastered the Box Hunt interface which is now available inside your Party Pass. If you're lost or need a clue as to where each box may be located, click your Party Pass icon to get a hint on potential locations. Once you've finished the Box Hunt, you'll get the special Box Costume, which you'll need to access the 8th Dimension later during the party.

Check out the Cream Soda Dimension, one of the 8 Box Dimensions available!

For this year, we were lucky and fortunate enough to have our good friend and community member, Gravix compose completely new music for the Cream Soda Dimension. Make sure you check it out and also send your compliments to Gravix if you see him waddling around the island.

We've also updated some of the music inside the other Box Dimensions with old, unreleased music from Screenhog back when he was first originally trying to devise music for the Box Dimension. You can hear some of his music inside the various Dimensions that will be rotating along with the original music from the game.

There's also new catalogs that you can explore from each dimension, with exclusive items that won't be returning anytime soon. Be sure to purchase all items that may be on your wish list in any of the Box Dimension rooms!

Always wanted to take flight? Now you can!

Did you ever want to be a professional pilot? Or even an amateur one? Ever wanted to experience our snowy island from above the sky? Now you can! In one of the Box Dimension catalogs, you'll be able to buy this UFO Costume which will grant you the ability to fly around anywhere on the island during the April Fools party only.

Meet Rookie!

Rookie will be visiting a ton during this party. You'll need to meet him to collect his new exclusive background along with finishing one of your extreme Island Quests. We're making it a bit easier for you by scheduling two of Rookie's meetups during the party. Here are your meetup dates and times for your favorite silly mascot.

Date: April 1st, 2023
Time: 4pm Penguin Standard Time
Server: Blizzard

Date: April 8th, 2023
Time: 3am Penguin Standard Time
Server: Blizzard

Rookie will be visiting at other dates and times, so don't worry if you're unable to make these two scheduled visits. Remember to stay vigilant and log in often to increase your odds of meeting Rookie in one of the randomly scheduled meetups.

Rookie's Comedy Hour is a brand new interactive concert coming to April Fools!

We're introducing Rookie's Comedy Hour, a new interactive show that you can watch. This time around, you won't be sitting down and watching the performance, you can also be part of it! Based on your reactions to Rookie's jokes, he will behave differently on stage along with various interactions you can experience from your favorite silly mascot!

Rookie's Comedy Hour will be debuting at A Silly Place Dimension very soon, after the weekend has past. It will run every hour, all day! Now that's a LOT of jokes.

A Silly Place

We've remastered and redesigned the Silly Dimension from the ground up to be more interactive and fun for everyone. Here's how it works. Simply head to the left platform by the door and you'll be placed in queue to go to the stage. Once you're there, tell at least three jokes. In between each joke, the audience will be able to react using the following emotes below. The highest emote score will become your joke rating.

Take a look at this handy guide for a breakdown on what emotes to use!

If you need more help, just ask a buddy or go through the interactive tutorial when you first join the room. Have fun and good luck!

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoy what the April Fools Party has in store for you all. It's been such a fun time developing this party for the community. We've recreated the entire Box Dimension and all 8 Dimensions from scratch and really dived into the neat and fun, small little details. Try checking it out and see for yourself!

Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Legacy Team