Community Guidelines

Learn more about the Community Guidelines that we enforce every day and how you follow them.

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Updated November 11, 2023

Club Penguin Legacy is building a safe and welcoming environment for all ages to play, create, and imagine together, we want to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and protected, and that they are treated with compassion and respect. That is why we developed these Community Standards: to explain how we want our users to behave and to be clear about what is and isn't permitted on Club Penguin Legacy.

These guidelines apply to all of your behaviors on Club Penguin Legacy and with other Penguins. You might notice that some of these rules prohibit things that certain other online platforms allow. That’s because of our determination to keep Club Penguin Legacy as safe as possible. We urge that you uphold our standards and recognize that failing to do so may result in action being taken against your account. We're continually learning, so as our community and platform expand, these standards may shift as well.

To summarize, always remember to be respectful when playing Club Penguin Legacy. If you observe something that you believe violates the Community Standards, please use the Report Abuse function to let us know.

Visit our Terms of Service for additional details on your legal relationship with Club Penguin Legacy. We appreciate your compliance with these standards and dedication to making Club Penguin Legacy a safe and courteous environment.

By playing and using our services, you agree to uphold our Community Guidelines and Rules.


We want everyone, regardless of identity or opinions, to feel secure and welcome on our snowy island. To maintain Club Penguin a place where everyone can be themselves, the following are not permitted:

Child Endangerment

Club Penguin Legacy has a zero-tolerance policy for endangering children. This includes:

• Any and all instances of predatory behavior, attempting to befriend a child in order to manipulate and exploit them is one example (i.e., grooming)

• Sexualizing children or minors in any way shape or form

• Engaging in sexual dialogue with children or seeking sexual material from minors

• Sharing, seeking, or discussing images of child sexual exploitation

Club Penguin Legacy’s subsidiaries and partners work closely with local and global law enforcement agencies. Failure to uphold and comply with this rule will result in a permanent suspension of your account and your personal details will be sent to law enforcement for further investigation.

Threats or Violence

Club Penguin Legacy does not allow users to threaten or encourage others to threaten real-world harm, or to instigate violence against individuals or property, and we may interact with law enforcement authorities in response to credible threats of harm. This covers dangers such as:

• Physical assault or violence
• Sexual assault
• Property damage

Bullying and Harrasment

Club Penguin Legacy does not tolerate bullying, stalking, trolling, harassment, or displays of intimidation. We also prohibit any information that shows, praises, or encourages such activity. This includes the following:

• Singling out a user or group to ridicule or abuse
• Sexual harassment

Suicide or Self-Harm

We take our users' safety extremely seriously at Club Penguin Legacy. We're here to aid anyone in need of mental health services, and we may speak with local law enforcement agencies if credible threats of self-harm are made. We do not tolerate content or conduct that portrays, celebrates, or encourages suicide or self-injury, such as:

• Describing methods of suicide
• Content that supports or depicts self-harm

Sexual Content

Club Penguin Legacy does not permit any form of sexual content or conduct. This includes material that portrays, discusses, or implies:

• Sexual acts
• Nudity
• Sexually suggestive avatar clothing items

Violent Content and Gore

We do not tolerate the depiction and discussion of violent content and gore. Especially those that include severe violence or significant physical or psychological abuse, such as:

• Animal abuse and torture
• Realistic depictions of extreme Gore
• War crimes or human rights violations, including torture; shown, supported, or glorified

Terrorism and Violent Extremeism Content

Club Penguin Legacy does not allow content or conduct that supports, praises, or promotes any terrorist or extremist organization or their acts, such as:

• Depictions of or support for terrorist or extremist attacks or terrorist actors
• Depictions of or support for the leaders of terrorist organizations
• Depictions of the slogans, images, flags, or icons of terrorist organizations
• Recruiting membership for a terrorist or violent organization, or encouraging others to leave Club Penguin Legacy to find such information

Illegal Activities

We do not allow users to discuss, portray, or promote unlawful or highly restricted activity. You may also not advocate or participate in the violation of local laws.

Among these activities are:

• Illegal drugs, including marijuana and the misuse of prescription drugs

• Drug paraphernalia, including pills, syringes, and pipes

• Alcohol, including references to or depictions of drunkenness

• Tobacco, including e-cigarettes, e-liquid, vapes, hookas, and other smokable products

• Bomb- and weapon-making in the real world

Real World Physically Dangerous Activities

Club Penguin Legacy does not allow the depiction, glorification, or encouragement of participation in activities in the real world that are specifically designed to create an extreme risk of physical harm to the participant offline. This includes:

• Physical challenge or stunt trends
• Dangerous misuse of fireworks

Courtesy of Respect

We expect all Penguins to be kind to one another. This entails making an effort to be courteous and respectful in all of your encounters. Club Penguin Legacy restricts the following activities in order to foster this environment:

Discriminations, Slurs, and Hate Speech

Club Penguin Legacy values and accepts people of all ages, ethnicities, and identities. You may not denigrate, threaten, or assault people or organizations, or indirectly or directly encourage others to do so, on the grounds of:

• Race, perceived race, or ethnicity
• National origin
• Sexual orientation
• Gender, gender identity, or gender expression
• Religion or religious affiliation or beliefs
• Age
• Physical or mental disability
• Veteran status
• Familial status

This includes content intended to discriminate against others based on their membership in the aforementioned categories. Here are some examples of such content:

• Experiences that imitate or suggest real world acts of discrimination
• Avatar clothing associated with hate groups
• Symbols and flags associated with discrimination
• Derogatory "memes"

Dating and Romantic Content

Club Penguin Legacy is a secure place to make online friends, communicate, and work on creative projects, however we restrict anything that seeks or depicts romantic connections, such as:

• Depictions of kissing, hand holding, or other romantic gestures in any context
• Experiences that depict romantic events, including weddings, dates, and honeymoons


We don't allow profanity in text to keep Club Penguin Legacy safe and respectful for everyone.

• Using misspellings, special characters, or other methods to evade detection of profanity
• Profanity in different languages
• Quoting or using songs with profane lyrics

Extortion and Blackmail

We do not permit users to extort or blackmail one another. Extortion is any attempt to force another user to do anything by threatening them. This includes dangers to:

• Reveal personal information
• Take over another user’s account
• Make false abuse reports
• Harm someone in real life

Failure to adhere to these rules and guidelines is a gross violation of our Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines and Rules. Your information will be forwarded to local and global law enforcement agencies.

Political Content

• We value civil conversation on problems and subjects that are important to Club Penguin Legacy. However, in order to keep the environment calm and courteous, we forbid the debate or portrayal of:

• Current candidates running for public office, including their slogans, campaign material, rallies, or events

• Political parties, including official party-affiliated organization

• Specific races for elected office

• Sitting real-world elected officials

• Previously-elected officials in their official capacity

• Individuals who have previously run for political office in their capacity as candidates

• Desecration of political entity symbols, including flag burning

• Inflammatory content related to real world border, territorial, or jurisdictional relationships

Global Tragedy and Tragic Events

Club Penguin Legacy does not allow anything that recreates particular real-world tragic events, mocks the victims, supports, praises, or promotes the offenders, or capitalizes on these tragedies for commercial interests. Tragic incidents in real life include:

• Mass shootings and domestic terrorism
• Specific, real world, natural disaster events
• Human or civil rights violations

Harmful Off-Platform Speech and Behavior

Club Penguin Legacy treats everyone with dignity, both on and off the platform. If we receive a report, we may deactivate the accounts of users who:

• Are associated with organized crime, terrorist organizations, or hate groups
• Harass, bully, discriminate, or harm others outside of Club Penguin Legacy
• Share others’ personal information off-platform, including making false reports to authorities

Abuse of Club Penguin Legacy Team or Affiliates

Club Penguin Legacy encourages its users to be polite and respectful to all Club Penguin Legacy team members, contractors, and affiliates. Mistreatment of Club Penguin Legacy team members, contractors, or their families in any way, whether through email, off-platform, or in-person, may result in account termination. This includes the following:

• Threatening physical harm to an employee or contractor
• Threatening to share the employee or contractor’s personal information
• Harassing Club Penguin Legacy team members or contractors online
• Threatening damage or harm to Club Penguin Legacy offices or data storage facilities

Fairness Policy

Club Penguin Legacy aspires to create a community that is open about its rules and how they are enforced. We want Penguins to have faith in one another and respect one another's innovation and hard work. Club Penguin Legacy asks its players to observe their local laws in order to assist establish such a community and does not allow:


We don’t permit deceptive schemes on our platform, including:

• Sending or posting phishing or scamming links by evading filter methods
• Requesting passwords or access to another user’s account
• Selling or seeking to buy accounts
• Selling Club Penguin Legacy assets for real money off-platform
• Artificially inflating the number of likes or visits to an Igloo


Club Penguin Legacy does not allow anything that is intended to mislead others or that is posted repeatedly and disruptively on the platform. This includes the following:

• Clickbait-type advertisements for activities inside the platform
• Repetitive, large-volume messaging
• Creating experiences solely to direct users off Club Penguin Legacy
• “Mass Spam Groups” or “Armies”

Mass Spam Groups

Club Penguin Legacy restricts the usage of “Mass Spam Groups” (commonly known as Armies) to non-hotspot locations on the island such as:

• Town
• Limited-time Party rooms

This list may change at any time with no prior notice, it is the responsibility of the spam groups to check these guidelines often.

Cheating and Exploits

We do not allow users to use or discuss any form of cheating, including:

• Using exploits to gain an unfair advantage anywhere on the platform
• Sharing exploits with others or encouraging others to cheat

Misleading Impersonation and Misrepresentation

Club Penguin Legacy welcomes creativity, especially in avatar designs and usernames, but we do not permit users to mislead others by mimicking other people's real- or virtual-world identities or affiliations, including other users, Club Penguin Legacy team members , contractors, and affiliates, or public figures. This covers any impersonation efforts in the following areas:

• Name or username
• Position in a company
• Digital representation
• A message or comment

This does not apply to satire, fan art, or tributes that are not misleading to other users.

Contests and Sweepstakes

We do not accept competitions, games, or sweepstakes that offer any virtual currency or rewards as a reward on the platform. This includes the following:

• Any usage of the phrase "Play for Coins" in games is prohibited.
• "Free Coins" offers

If paid random items appear in your experience, they cannot be sold or traded for Coins, real currency, or anything else of value on Club Penguin Legacy.

Directing Users Off-Platform

When using Club Penguin Legacy, you may not link to any external websites or services. Types of links that are prohibited:

• Links that contain Club Penguin-inappropriate content
• Partial links, filter-breaking, and permitted website links to non-permitted websites
• Encouraging others to visit unpermitted external links


Advertisements that are strictly in-game experiences are permitted so long as they do not impede the gameplay experience of others and does not mislead or direct other players to visit off-platform/external websites. If your ad violates these rules, we may remove the content or suspend your experience.

• Players who place advertisements in their experiences remain responsible for all advertising content; ads must follow the Community Rules, the Terms of Use and all other Club Penguin Legacy rules.

• Ads cannot falsely represent the content being advertised to encourage user engagement (e.g., offers free Coins).

• You may not share links or games of unauthorized Club Penguin remakes and clones.

In-Game Disruptions

Players are expected to avoid promoting or participating in behaviors that contravene the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, specifically those that grant an unfair advantage to individuals engaging in the same activity.

• "AFK Farming" inside the Cave Mine by running scripts / bots to run pattern-based movement.

• Creating alternate accounts to provide or promote player unfair advantages in gameplay.

• Soliciting and promoting Igloo Likes with the intention of securing a higher position on the Igloo List.

• Win-trading / Playing with other friends to secure a higher position in an in-game Leaderboard

We hold a zero tolerance policy for these behaviors. Violation of this rule will result in appropriate disciplinary action such as removal of items, Coins, stamps, and temporary/permanent suspensions. If an in-game disruption affects any position of Leaderboards, the player will be removed and will be permanently restricted from placing on the Leaderboard again.

Security and Privacy

The Club Penguin Legacy  community must feel both digitally and physically safe in order to thrive. We can do this by respecting each other's personal information and Club Penguin Legacy’s security measures, as well as keeping Club Penguin Legacy accounts and systems secure. This section explains how users should handle other people's data and digital security. Please see the Privacy Policy for more details on how Club Penguin Legacy handles your personal information.

Club Penguin Legacy does not allow the following activities in order to maintain a safe environment:

Unauthorized Access

We prohibit any behavior that is used to obtain unauthorized access to Club Penguin Legacy’s systems or accounts, as well as any action that threatens or encourages such activity. This includes the following:

• Using VPNs to mask your location in order to gain unauthorized access to the Club Penguin Legacy platform, a specific feature, or another user’s account

• Attempting to hack another user’s account

• Launching any sort of cyberattack

• Posting misleading links for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access (i.e., phishing)

• Launching malicious software (i.e., malware) to cause damage to or gain access to another user’s computer.

Sharing Personal Information

We limit the share of personal information to ensure the safety and privacy of our players. We also prohibit any solicitation, praise, or encouragement of such activity:

• Real name, this includes your first, middle, last, or any labels
• Email address
• Phone number
• Address and relative location (Including country, city, or region)
• Billing/payment information
• Unique identifiers
• Social security information and/or any identifiable local documentation
• Age, this includes any rough estimates such as age groups

Club Penguin Legacy takes social-engineering seriously, a deception method that takes advantage of human mistake to get sensitive information, access, or assets. These "human hacking" schemes in cybercrime tend to entice unwary individuals into disclosing data, spreading malware infections, or granting access to restricted systems.

Misusing Club Penguin Legacy Systems

Club Penguin Legacy maintains several systems to keep our users safe and secure, and we strictly prohibit efforts to circumvent these systems or breach our platform security rules. This includes the following:

• Attempting to get prohibited content approved by our moderation team
• Opening new accounts for the purpose of evading an enforcement action taken against a previous account
• Using bots that are programmed to run disruptive, large-scale tasks
• Falsely reporting other users or experiences, or encouraging or others to do so
• Invading or flooding experiences or groups in an effort to destroy the experience or its reputation

Economy and Accounts

Club Penguin Legacy keeps the Coins system running for everyone's pleasure and entertainment. Some Coin uses are not authorized in order to keep it safe, including:

• Using third-party services to sell, trade, or give away Coins. 
• Promotional codes that falsely appear to be offered by Club Penguin Legacy itself
• Selling and profit of Club Penguin Legacy accounts

You may not additionally offer third-party services or goods directly or as part of a bundle: in-experience items, exclusive features, or other in-experience upgrades.

See Club Penguin Legacy Terms of Service for more information