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What's After the Halloween Party?

What's After the Halloween Party?

Hi Penguins,

Tomorrow is the final day for the Halloween Party, what a busy month! This is the first time we've launched two parties back-to-back so it was a lot of work for our small team, but we're proud that we managed to get everything done.

You might be wondering... What's next for Club Penguin Legacy? Safe to say, the fun is just starting and we can't wait to unveil some of our recently finished projects when the island heads back to normal for a couple weeks. But, not for long.

A preview of the upcoming remastered Snow Forts!

Remastered Rooms

After the party wraps up on November 6, you'll be able to see some of our recently renovated rooms on the island, this includes an uplift and remastered version of the existing Snow Forts that we've been wanting to get done for the past couple months. We've added some more trees, surrounding mountains, and tidied up the general space, along with glimpses of the Town and Plaza to the left and right.

We consider this Part 2 of our "Remastered Rooms" initiative. You may have noticed earlier, we also remastered the Dock as well. We'll continue to pick various rooms around the island and give them a fresh coat of paint.

You'll also see the departure of the Dance Lounge to a more newly renovated Arcade. We're still adding some finishing touches to the room, so you'll see it on the 6th of November!

Wayback Contest Details

Don't you worry, we haven't forgotten about the Wayback Contest! A few weeks ago, we tasked the community to create their most nostalgic Club Penguin Legacy videos as a tribute and homage to the original game. The more creative and nostalgic your video is, the better! We're excited to finally get the chance to announce how you can submit your video for consideration.

Take a look at the Prize Pool below!


  • Penguin Band Igloo
  • 50,000 Coins
  • Premiere at the next November Live Event


  • 25,000 Coins
  • Premiere at the next November Live Event


  • 10,00 Coins
  • Premiere at the next November Live Event

Contest winners will be announced during our November What's New? Live Event! We'll also be premiering selections during the preshow before the live broadcast the same day. Now, are you interested in submitting your Wayback video? Read the guidelines below carefully:


  • Video must be public and posted to YouTube
  • Video must be appropriate
  • Video must follow all Club Penguin Legacy Rules and Guidelines (Click me to redirect!)
  • Video must relate to the Wayback Party
  • Video must be no longer than 3 minutes


  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Set the visibility to 'Public'
  • Add a hashtag to the description: #CPLWAYBACKCONTEST


YouTube Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy applies. We are not affiliated or endorsed with Google, LLC. YouTube is a copyright and trademark of Google, LLC.

Ask your parents permission before entering the contest, you must be above the age of 13 in order to participate. Check Terms and Service before use.

Best of luck everyone in entering the contest! You'll have until November 14th to submit!

What's New? November Live Event

I'm not sure if everyone is familiar, but November is here which means that it's finally time for our next What's New? Live Event!

For those who are unfamiliar, the What's New? Event is a live broadcast dedicated to showcasing all of the upcoming features and projects that we're working on, and boy, we have a LOT of projects to share. Some of the ones that we've unveiled during the August Live Event are also releasing by the time we have our next Live Event!

We're super pumped for this one, we're planning so much for November and the Holiday season, and we're also working on closing deals with three major charities for our upcoming Holiday charity effort.

This will be our biggest Live Event yet, and you can be part of it!

As always with our Live Events, we're opening up submissions for you to share your favorite Club Penguin Legacy moment, you can do so here at

Additionally for this month, we're also opening up submissions for you to submit your player-card in game. Want to showcase your favorite looks? Make sure you follow the on-screen prompts to submit!


Ask your parents permission before submitting, you must be above the age of 13 in order to participate. Check Terms and Service before use.

This is going to be our BIGGEST Live Event yet! So, we're excited to share and release some of the projects that we have in store.


Want to explore the wilderness? You can do so in November!

The Tour Guides Association of Club Penguin Island is excited to announce a brand new tour of the wilderness of Club Penguin Island! Are you in your Igloo, sitting down, watching TV, bored out of your mind, and not sure what to do? This event is perfect for you to get outdoors and experience our great wilderness!

Reservations are soon to take place, we're excited to see how our November Party unfolds! Stay tuned as more information will be shared at our upcoming November Event.

Wrapping Up

What a load of information we just snowballed at you guys! Lots of fun stuff happening over the next few weeks, super excited for everything to come.

The Community Event Board will also refresh on November 7th with more events, the upcoming Penguin Art Wall selections will be announced during the Live Event...

And if we're lucky, we may get a Penguin Style on November 7th as well, fingers crossed!

Until then... Waddle on! Adios!

- Club Penguin Legacy Team